How Does the Perfect Online Dating Profile Look?

A structure built on a solid foundation is going to weather any storm and pass the test of time. In the online dating arena, a great profile is the stepping stone that can ultimately make the difference between success and failure. The goal is to build the perfect online dating profile and by following these four tips, you can come as close as it gets to this ambitious goal.

1. Choose the Right Online Dating Site

Research goes a long way online and choosing the right dating site is the first and most important challenge. Tempting as it might be to choose the free options, paying for a monthly subscription can be the better solution. When you are serious about something, you don’t mind paying a small fee to enjoy the best service possible. Those who are willing to pay for a subscription are usually people who also take online dating seriously. You might also want to consider niche websites, which are aimed at connecting people with users with similar backgrounds or interests.

Depending on the nature of the online dating sites chosen, you will enjoy more or less freedom when writing your profile. In most cases, the roads less traveled are less traveled for a reason, but when it comes to online dating, it pays off to be unique. Try to stand out from the crowd, without looking awkward, as you want to be noticed, but not for all the wrong reasons. Follow the general guidelines, but spice up your description, so those browsing will notice your profile right away.

2. Be Truthful and Straightforward

Important as it might be to project the best possible image, don’t go over the top and be honest. Instead of trying to please everyone, remember that the happiest people are those who find someone who appreciate them for what they are. By being honest about yourself and your interests, you will attract people that are genuinely interested in you. In the long run, this is the recipe for success and on short-term, you won’t have to waste your energy pretending that you are someone else.

The perfect online dating profile is detailed enough to catch the eye of prospective partners, without being boring. Even if you have a natural inclination for writing, don’t go over the top with lengthy descriptions that people are unlikely to read. Focus on the things that define you as a person and those aspects of your life that you consider to be the most important. It helps a lot to read other online dating profiles to see how others have tackled this challenge. See which of them catch your eye and learn from the mistakes committed by others to improve your own chances in this competitive environment.

3. A Profile Picture is worth 1000 Matches

A great description is extremely important when creating your online dating profile but so is the photo you choose. Like it or not, people will always be influenced by the image you pick to represent your online avatar. Everyone tries to put their best foot forward and there’s nothing wrong in following suit. You have plenty of time to prove your real worth and the great profile picture will give you the chance to do it. Brush off any thoughts of using a fake or even an old image of yourself as this would come back to bite you. The photo must portray your current physical appearance but you can use the best you have.

Online dating is not a beauty pageant, so don’t burden yourself with dark thoughts. You’d be surprised to see how many people like you for what you are, not to mention that there are a few tricks that you can use. A smile makes people look more attractive, so try to find a picture of yourself where you are genuinely happy. A slight head tilt can also help you look more attractive, but even the background can influence the perception of those who stumble upon your profile for the first time.

4. Avoid the Common Pitfalls and Warning Signs

There are a couple of things that you should avoid when working on the perfect online dating profile. Don’t let past experiences and personal disappointments rear their ugly heads and avoid any forms of negativity. Refrain from being cynical about former relationships and don’t display even the slightest signs of arrogance. There’s nothing wrong in trying to present yourself in the best possible light, but don’t overdo it and create the impression that you are bragging about your appearance or achievements.

People generally avoid cynical and egotistical individuals in both the online and offline dating arena. You don’t necessarily need to be humble, but remain grounded and don’t make yourself look unapproachable. An online dating profile that radiates kindness and friendliness is more likely to get the job done.