What makes a good dating site?

The online dating arena is competitive, but luckily for those who are searching for their better half, there are plenty of dating sites. Knowing how and where to begin is the real challenge and those who make the first steps will soon be confronted by the paradox of choice. With many seemingly worthy options, is can be difficult to make the right choice, especially when you don’t know what to look for. There are a few things that make a good dating site and knowing them makes the difference between success and failure.

Paid Versus Free Dating Sites

The first decision that you need to make is between free and paid dating sites and many people choose to start with the free versions. While there’s nothing wrong in trying a free dating site, this is not the kind of situation where money should be the top priority. The advantage of choosing a paid dating site is that those who are willing to pay a monthly fee are more serious about dating. The odds of running into people who don’t take this activity seriously, hence waste your time, are significantly lower on the paid websites.

There are, of course, several good dating sites that are completely free and they tend to be frequented by younger people. Those who belong to this demographic, or are interested in meeting younger people, should consider this alternative. Most of the users are younger than 35, so if you choose to walk down this path, you should know what to expect. Somewhere in between are free dating sites that offer the users the option of paying for a monthly subscription, in exchange of enjoying certain perks.

How about Niche Dating Sites?

Just because there is plenty of fish in the sea, doesn’t mean that everyone is willing to jump headfirst into the sharks infested waters. Some people are more selective in their choices and prefer a targeted approach, so they would benefit more from choosing niche dating sites. The obvious advantage is that users are more likely to meet like-minded individuals, based on their religion, background or nationality.

On the flipside, niche dating sites have the disadvantage of smaller pools of users. This leads to enhanced competition and it can take much longer to match with somebody you truly like. Those who don’t like the prospect of spending too much time trying to discover random people that meet their expectations are the main beneficiaries. When time is of the essence, these dating sites can be the answer, as long as you make sure to avoid time-consuming ones that have you complete comprehensive questionnaire when signing up

Take the Hands-On Approach

Finding the perfect date is not supposed to be easy and even though specialized websites streamline the process, some effort is to be expected. Once you narrow down the search, you should take the hands-on approach, sign up for an account and enter your search preferences. Knowing what you are looking for and being perfectly honest with yourself will have a positive impact. To determine the effectiveness of a particular dating site, keep track of the number of matches that meet your criteria over one week.

The number of suitable dates is important, but not sufficient. It is just as meaningful to correctly estimate the response rates to establish which approach works and which doesn’t. Refining the process and improving the online dating profile will obviously yield better results, but only if you chose the right website. Don’t be hasty to assign blame on the platform, but do not dwell too much on a dating website that keeps disappointing you, regardless of what you do.

A Little Randomness Won’t Kill You

Niche and professional dating sites are sought after by busy people who want to meet like-minded peers. At the opposite end of spectrum are the brand-new dating apps that make suggestions based on proximity, rather than interest and background. Essentially, these websites and applications will suggest people that you have walked right by, with or without noticing. Hopeless romantics are the ones who appreciate this approach the most, as they give them the chance of meeting random people they’ve locked eyes with.

Such online dating sites use GPS to keep track of the singles that cross paths throughout the day and then make suggestions based on these findings. They have all sorts of cool features aimed at helping people notice each other and they have gained a lot of traction over the last couple of years. Randomness is the decisive factor, but such unusual dating sites can still pair people with very similar habits and hobbies. People working for multinational companies cross paths many times a day, without noticing each other and these provide the incentive to strike a conversation.